Let's you live sync and save your
FireBug css changes with one click.

Live sync your FireBug css changes


Edit in FireBug
Use FireBug to live edit and pixel push until satisfied


Store changes
While editing, let cssUpdater store your changes


Sync all or selected changes to your css files with one click


Reload your site
... and smile, since all your changes are saved




Please note that cssUpdater is not maintained anymore.  

Save your FireBug changes!

Sync now button in FireBug

cssUpdater listen to your FireBug changes, and live sync your CSS files.
So when you reload your site, your layout is preserved

With cssUpdater, you just click SYNC, reload the site and SMILE!

Based on the excellent plugin to IDEA and Agilie: High quality web and mobile application development services.

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Old workflow (your current?)

- Find the correct CSS file based on what you need to change
- Find the correct CSS property and value within the file
- Edit the CSS file and reload your site to see your changes
- Do the same thing over again (most often in a another CSS file)

cssUpdater workflow!

- Edit your CSS in FireBug CSS tool until satisfied
- Hit Sync button in FireBug (hotkey alt s)
- Reload your site to see that your changes are persistent!
- Smile!


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 - Works with your favourite text editor or IDE
 - Remote/server save of changes with FTP
 - Choose the changes you want
 - Supports Windows and OSX
 - Backup functionality
 - Sync now button in FireBug
 - Drag and drop support to monitor your files
 - Application validation on start up
 - Your monitored css files are saved between startups
 - Report issues and settings window
 - Automatic update of desktop application
 - Minimize to Systemtray icon in Windows
 - Sync hotkey from FireBug (default alt s)

cssUpdater FULL Features (29$)

 - Unlimited projects
 - Monitor unlimited files
 - Granted future Premium functionality

Upcoming features

 - Google Chrome extension?

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